Monthly Archives: April 2013

Meet under the Eagle’s Nest

There are landscapes that create memories, spark conversation and connection, that stir reflection. Meeting places of water and rock often make for the meeting of kindred spirits. And they can be just plain fun. One of these is Eagle’s Nest Open Space, just forty minutes’ drive to the southwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming. More than one hundred years […]

Red Mountain Open Space, Colorado and The BIG Hole to take a spring hike? Search for that first bluebird of happiness? Our favorite hiking though–around Vedauwoo—is still cold, 2,000 feet higher than Cheyenne. Let me tell you about a good spot “on the level”, its trailhead equal to our altitude. I’ve found, spring or fall, whatever the weather is doing here it is likely […]

Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, Arizona: Taylor Cabin – Casner Mountain Loop

Bad info Have you ever taken a long hike with bad intelligence? That was our situation hiking the Taylor Cabin Loop in Sycamore Canyon, Arizona,late March, 2012. Our little group relied on trip descriptions that led to false expectations, frustration and some tense moments.  The books we were using were A Guide to Northern Arizona’s […]

A desperate drive for spring for spring during spring break: The Superstition Wilderness

Where is spring during spring break? Rarely in Wyoming. I think the schools call it “spring” break just to illustrate the word “irony.” “Winter break 2” might be more like it. But the title, and the numbing length of a high plains winter makes me yearn for spring each March. My daughter Rose, taking her […]